Editing and writing

Our extensive background as journalists and as the authors of two business books gives us the ability to work across a range of activities, from writing article/blogs/whitepapers to websites, newsletters and books to 140-character tweets. We help ensure that what is produced gets its message across clearly and succinctly, whatever the channel or platform.

Newsletters and magazines

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We have published and/or contributed to a range of newsletters and magazines over the years. Apart from Haymarket titles, these include:

  • In Depth is a pocket-sized journal, published twice a year for the Association for Qualitative Research, which tackles ideas and issues pertinent to the qualitative research community and society at large, but with a qualitative slant.
  • In Brief is In Depth’s sister publication, a bi-monthly magazine, designed to provide members with relevant news, issues and trends relating to qualitative research and commissioned from well known names inside and outside the industry.
  • Contact was Royal Mail’s award-winning B2B quarterly magazine, which provided insights on the issues of the day so as offer marketing solutions to its business audience.
  • Platform, a beautifully-designed monthly magazine, gave sponsors and sponsored an up-to-the-minute review of current deals and in depth coverage of the strategy behind successful business sponsorships.


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We have written and/or compiled and edited a number of books for the business community. These include:

  • Conversations with Marketing Masters, Laura Mazur and Louella Miles, Wiley, 2007. We explored, with some of the some of the world’s most influential marketing gurus of our time, the ideas that made them famous, their views on the current state of marketing and their personal journeys.
  • Conversations with Green Gurus. Laura Mazur and Louella Miles, Wiley, 2009. We talked with influential environmental movers and shakers to discover what they thought  the role of business should be in dealing with what is termed by one of them ‘a planetary emergency’.
  • Marketing the Professional Services Firm, Laurie Young, Wiley, 2005. This involved interviewing, writing, editing and finding relevant case studies to produce what is now a staple of marketing libraries.
  • The Marketing Society. The Marketing Society’s award-winning case studies were re-written, edited, and turned into in-depth case studies full of practical lessons in two books: Marketing Excellence 2, Hugh Burkitt, 2010; Marketing Excellence, Hugh Burkitt and John Zealley, Wiley, 2006.
  • John Wiley & Sons. Edited and updated the second edition of marketing master Peter Doyle’s classic, Value-Based Marketing, following the author’s death.

White papers

We have written white papers for organisations in the private and public sector. These include:

  • The Advertising Association. New media: the Implications for advertising regulation, 2006. We researched, wrote and edited this white paper on new media.
  • Youth Justice Board in England and Wales. We researched, wrote and edited this white paper on young people and the Secure Estate.


Our blogs have a proven ability to drive traffic to websites.

  • Relationship Audits Management wanted to raise its profile in a series of weekly, thought-provoking blogs through its LinkedIn groups. We produced relevant and timely copy for the chief executive.