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David Aaker, Philip Kotler, Jean-Claude Larreche, Regis McKenna, Don Peppers, John Quelch, Al Ries, Martha Rogers, Don Schultz, Patricia Seybold, Jack Trout, Lester Wunderman

What makes some of the world’s most influential marketing gurus tick? How did they arrive at some of their most compelling and ground-breaking insights? We held a series of conversations with a dozen of them to delve more deeply into the ideas which made them famous, their views on the current state of marketing and their personal journeys. For example, Philip Kotler, founding father of marketing, discusses his lifelong mission lifelong mission to dispel the myth that marketing contributes very little to company success in the long term. The creator of modern-day direct marketing Lester Wunderman speaks of his delight that the internet has brought to life his dream of true dialogue between consumers and advertisers, while Silicon Valley legend Regis McKenna expands on his marketing vision that launched some of the legendary technology companies.

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