Inside the Mind of the Shopper

The Science of Retailing

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Dr Herb Sorensen is one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to shoppers and shopping. We worked extensively with him to help translate his years of experience into a successful book that uncovers the truth about what actually goes on in the store. It involved carrying out regular interviews with him to capture his thoughts, researching and writing case studies with global appeal and interviewing key players. The result, according to Matt Ohligschlager, senior manager, consumer and market knowledge, Procter & Gamble, “is the preeminent handbook for any marketer or retailer seeking to understand why people do what they do when they shop. Armed with the knowledge in this book, marketers and retailers can work together to predict how shoppers will respond (or not!) to package and label design, selling messages, shelf plans, and the entire retail space.”

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