Writing training

There is increasingly a realisation that good writing, and how you communicate, are just as critical as what you are trying to say. Clear and lucid writing, that tells the right story, is one of the best ways for companies to differentiate themselves in an over-crowded and competitive market. In fact, it’s essential to getting your message across and our training can hone your skills in this area.


  • Relish Research asked us to design a day’s workshop that would stretch and motivate its team that resulted in a fresh look at its communication material, both in terms of content and design.
  • Discovery We were commissioned to prepare workshops tailored to the market research sector which would enhance the ability of its team to communicate clear and effectively across all media and become better story tellers.
  • The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman We championed its aim to promote clearer and jargon-free writing by providing storytelling workshops that honed the skills of its media and newsletter teams.
  • MCM Architecture asked for a training course that would improve the communication skills of key staff and thereby enhance their professionalism, so we prepared one covering basic writing, structuring copy and writing for different formats.
  • The Futures Company, a Kantar company within the WPP Group, asked us for a course that would improve its team’s writing skills, including the ability to structure copy and make the participants better storytellers. We gave them the confidence to deliver sharper, punchier copy.
  • Business in the Community We were asked to provide a broad-ranging workshop tailored to a team of varying abilities. This covered basic writing skills, how to eliminate jargon and ways to adapt BITC’s style to different audiences and across different media. We gave them a crash course on how to how to condense copy and left them, as always, with follow-up notes and references material.